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Group Info

About Us

We are a plushie group based in the UK where members from around the world can submit tutorials and finished plush pictures. We are also a directory where anything from tutorial sites to material purchase sites can be listed (DA and other).

Plushie makers of all talents can join and share their information here whether it be about how to make plushies or pictures of finished pieces.
Founded 6 Years ago
Feb 3, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

2,300 Members
2,631 Watchers
92,096 Pageviews
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Club Rules and Where to submit things

Where to submit Items

Each of the folders has a small description within in saying what is accepted. Please note that items submitted to the wrong folder will be declined. If unsure please open the folder(s) and view what has been accepted. If still unsure, feel free to submit to where you think it should go or message one of the staff of this group


> You must have a friendly nature
> You must appreciate plush art
> Only members may submit to the group
> Submit to the right folder, pictures submitted to the wrong folder will be refused
> Felted Critters and Soft Sculptures must be animals ONLY (fictional or real) no bags, hats, clothes, etc
> Only one image per plush design
> Only images where the plush is the focus of said image will be accepted
> 'plush' or 'plushie' in this instances refers only to stuffed toys
> All plushies submitted, must be handmade by you
> Only free or free-to-use patterns can be submitted
> Do not post any kind of advertising on our front page or in journal feeds. This includes (but is not limited to) asking people to see your art or visit your site, advertising your plushies or plush services for sale or a competition you or someone you know is running. You will be given two warnings before being kicked out and banned from the group. If you want to advertise anything note us and ask

Asking for help on plushie making or trying to locate a commissioner does not count as advertising

Things we DO accept

> Plush toys
> Art dolls
> Needle felted toys
> Woollen type toys
> Patterns - FREE TO VIEW/USE only

>> All items MUST be made by you

Things we DO NOT accept

> We do not accept deviation suggestions. I.e, if you see a plush deviation you'd like to see in the club, and it is not your own, please do not suggest it as a deviation to the club. It will be refused right away. Instead, let the artist know about our club and suggest they join so they can submit their own art in their own time.
> Work in progress, concepts and half finished plushies are not allowed
> We don't accept pricing lists, adverts, how to order tutorials etc etc as deviations, in journal feeds or on our front page.
> We do not accept patterns which must be paid for
> This group is for plush toys, art dolls, needle felted toys and woollen type toys only. We don't accept anything else (e.g. Apparel, bags, decorations, key rings etc)
> We do not accept photos of plushies which are shop bought or otherwise made by a company which mass produces such items

We would also like to point out

This club is run by British Citizens and so we will use British terminology, for example the word 'wool' in the UK is used for all kinds of yarn and wool alike. Whether it is made from an animal's fur or not. We do not use the word 'yarn', as it is American. The same as 'color', we spell it 'colour'.

Please do not ask us to change our terminology to suit your needs, because that is kinda rude and we do not take kindly to it.
~ Thanks :)

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If you are an Artisan Craft group please feel free to ask us for affiliation :)
Hello and Welcome to our update journal

News in brief, (please see below for more info):
> New Contributors / Helpers Required
> Store bought plushies ~ no no
> PMs to the group only
> Correct folders please

Please be sure to read the rules on our front page if unsure of what to submit

Notes - Important information

WE ARE in search of new helpers to assist with the filtering of submissions to the group. This will mainly include accepting or declining submissions made by members and assisting with any questions which may arise.

If you would like to help and feel you have been a member of DA for long enough (few months to a year+), please either PM me (LiChiba) or leave a comment below.

Any new contributor must;

- Know the rules
- Be happy to help
- Have enough time to help with submissions
- Preferably already be a member and have submitted (not required as a 'must')


THE GROUP has been having an influx of plushies being submitted recently that were either store bought or factory made, please note our rules where it says you, the submitter, MUST be the person who made the plushies. If the items are factory made or bought in a store they will not be accepted. And if they do slip through the net, they will be removed when found.

*This group is for hand made plushies only*


I HAVE had a few people message me directly (PM/Note) in regards to things group related. Can I PLEASE ask that anyone who has any questions in regards to Group activities be it submission questions, advertising, or anything like that please message the GROUP and not my personal note inbox.

The same goes for messaging any other group staff members in regards to the group, sending Group related notes to personal PM's can end up with them being ignored, forgotten about or missed entirely. By sending them to the group they sit there, flagged and in our sights, until dealt with.

To send a note to the group (yes I have had questions in regards to this!) it is exactly the same as sending it to a member - you just need to press the 'SEND A NOTE' button at the top of our home page



HI ALL we still seem to be getting a lot of members either submitting to the wrong folder, submitting more than one image per plush or trying to submit advertising for competitions etc in our deviations. Please note that we do have rules for this group, which are placed on the front page for easy finding, to not only keep the group running smoothly, but also to help you guys know what is and what is not accepted.

Advertising is definately not allowed, and is automatically rejected. Advertising is allowed only if you contact us first and ask permission, but please do not try to sneak them in the deviations or on our front page as they will be found.

So please make sure to read the rules, they are there to help in the running of the group, not to frighten you off and if you are unsure where to submit something, just ask. None of us bite :) ~LiChiba

Thanks all ^^ keep submitting ^^
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TikiTiel Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I have a question that I can't even find any answers to on google

I'm trying to make a plush for my nephew for Christmas, and I've run into a roadblock with the Ultra Cuddle fleece I'm using from Joann's

I can't mark the fabric in any way to trace my pattern on to the materiel?? It's black which I'm sure isn't helping things.
I've went out and bought water soluble pencils, disappearing ink markers and magic disappearing tailors chalk and nothing leaves a visible mark on the stupid stuff. 

Any suggestions for what I could use to mark on this type of fabric?
LiChiba Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
When I found I couldn't mark a fabric with anything, I ended up taping or pinning a copy of the pattern to the back of the fabric then cut it and removed the excess tape/paper pattern from the back before sewing. I've never used that type of fleece before so I cannot suggest anything else which may mark it, but by the looks of it you've pretty much exhausted all avenues anyway :/
TikiTiel Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need a seam allowance tho, the pattern I'm using doesn't come with one. So my thinking was to trace it onto the fabric, cut it out with seam allowance and then trace the pattern with the sewing machine.

I actually ended up finding a solution in the weirdest place
A bar of soap lmao

I widdeled the end down to make it pointed so I could mark with it and it works like a charm-- plus its soap so you know it'll wash out :D
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